Celebrated a recent birthday at the charming Willows Inn with its restaurant proclaimed by New York Times last year as one of ten places worth a plane ride.  We were blessed with perfect weather, which made everything on Lummi sparkle and bloom. Imagining an idyllic island life, where one’s carefree days are set to the pace of the sun slowly making its way across the clear blue sky.

Sunset BeachSunset beachWillows Inn

The Willows Inn has friendly staff, the grounds are well-maintained with rooms that are clean and comfortable.  We stayed in “Sunset” which boasted a breathtaking view of the Puget Sound and other San Juan Islands.

Willows Inn

The dining experience masterfully crafted by chef Blaine Wetzel was truly unforgettable.  In addition to the five course dinner, a multitude of “snacks” were intermingled throughout – some flirted with your taste buds while others exploded with flavor.  We savored every bite and appreciated all the new and unique textures and tastes.  The care and thoughtful attention to every dish was clearly evident from its ever changing and artful presentation.

Willows Inn

1/Leather-bound menu; 2/Baked sunflower roots; 3/Crispy crepe with steelhead roe; 4/Wild onion; 5/Geoduck clams with wild beach peas; 6/Venison tartare with wild herbs; 7/Herb toast with browned butter; 8/Nettles farm radish with toasted flax; 9/Pickled oyster with sorrel; 10&11/Salt baked spot prawn; 12/Spring onions with rhubarb & thyme; 13/Fanny bay scallop with arugula; 14/Kale toast with black truffle & rye; 15/Smoked sockeye salmon; 16/Grilled oyster with tequila & sage; 17/Breakfast granola & yogurt; 18/Breakfast of spinach omelette, scone, etc.; 19/Grilled shiitake; 20/Nettles farm asparagus with fresh cheese & spruce; 21/Halibut skin with clams; 22/Roasted leg of lamb with morels, woodruff & knot weed; 23/Lummi island wildflowers with lemon verbena & cherry blossom ice cream.

The many colorful and spectacular wonders of nature …
Sunset beach
Sunset Beach
We took a tour of Nettles Farm which supplies Willows Inn with its abundantly varied greens, herbs, eggs, etc.  It was pretty amazing to see some of the behind the scenes work that happens … from farm to table.
Nettles Farm

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