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Fashion + Decor: Wintry Luxe

It is a gorgeous winter Friday, following a splendid Valentine’s Day celebrated with a delectable dinner, sweets galore, and a single perfect red rose.  Sensing Spring just around the corner, but nevertheless, happened upon the perfect winter combination … wrapped in fur with a little glimmer of crystal, sitting by a roaring fire in a mountainside lodge saturated in warm chocolate hues that keep the chill of the snowdrifts at bay.  Have a beautiful {and hopefully, long} weekend.

Fashion & Decor, Wintry luxe

{Images left via Jhony, right via Kelly Dillon Photography}

Fashion + Decor: Textures & Patterns

Happy Friday, everyone!  Can you believe it will be December 1st tomorrow?  I, for one, cannot.  With the arrival of winter and all that misty gray, I battle the impulse to hibernate by donning the coziest of coats while seeking out places seemingly immune to winter’s icy grasp.  Interesting textures, zigzag wooden floors, and a ceiling that is sure to ward off the gloom.  May your weekend be warm and full of interesting discoveries.

via Helen Glory blog

Cafe Lolita via Boldintention

{Images top via Helen Glory, bottom via BOLDintention}