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Notes from the Weekend

Recently decided to take my appreciation of photography to the next level and invested in a Nikon D600 camera.  Thrilled to take it on the road this past weekend … on a quick road trip to Portland, OR, passing through Olympia, WA, on the way.  Although we were short on time, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Nines Hotel, a place brimming with contemporary style.  The following is a glimpse at a few first images captured using the new DSLR.  Looking forward to sharing more soon.

Living room, roses

Olympia, WA

The Nines Hotel, Portland, OR

Andy at the Nines Hotel, Portland, OR

Lake Crescent, Oregon


We planned for snowmobiling, but instead, discovered a crystal clear lake and fresh mountain air over a weekend spent playing card games and sampling local food in the form of broasted chicken – a deep frying technique that is not for the faint of heart.