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Visiting Kyoto, Japan {Day 1}

Over the weekend, we hopped on the shinkansen (bullet train) over to Kyoto, but before we did so, we grabbed a bowl of the most delicious dipping ramen at Tokyo Station’s ramen street.  I highly recommend Rokurinsha, but do allow extra time for the line can be long.  Wandering the Gion district of Kyoto, we marveled at the city’s high regard for tradition and on certain streets it seemed as if time stood still, and the quaint wooden homes and shops had remained untouched by time.  A crane perched along the creekside gazing at its own reflection while a newlywed couple swathed in beautiful traditional silk hurried by, trailed by an entourage of family and friends.

Gion district, Kyoto, JapanWedding, Gion district, Kyoto, JapanGion district, Kyoto, Japan

We spotted a gathering of students and tourists waiting for a glimpse of the geishas, who were expected to appear soon, all dressed for an evening out.  We waited with them, of course, and when the ladies finally appeared, they quickly walked – no glided – ever so gracefully and ducked into a waiting car.

Gion district, Kyoto, Japan, geishaGeisha, Kyoto, Japan


Tokyo & Kyoto

Ecstatic about visiting Tokyo and Kyoto for a few days this week and hope to catch one last glimpse of sakura season in its beautiful country of origin.  I have travelled to Tokyo a few times as well as Okinawa, but it was many many years ago.  Eagerly anticipating the bustling metropolis as well as the tranquility of the ancient temples and shrines.  And of course, there will be loads of fantastic Japanese cuisine to taste.  I simply cannot wait and promise there will be much to share here when I return.

J.Crew ad campaign, Tokyo, Japan

J.Crew ad campaign, Tokyo, Japan

{Images via J.Crew ad campaign shot in Tokyo}