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Cinque Terre

The five villages that form the UNESCO World Heritage site, inaccessible by cars, was a dazzling visual feast that transported us to a much simpler time, far removed from the ever changing and fast-paced modern world.  We walked the slippery path that connects the villages and marveled at every turn how such a special place could exist.


Milan … a riverside vintage market, daily gelato indulgences, luxury stores galore, and beautiful old architecture, what’s not to like?


In Florence, one can easily be taken back to the days of flourishing trade and all the artistry and creativity that accompanied the birth of the Renaissance period.  We were enchanted by all the beauty that enveloped us.

Positano & Pompeii

It is easy to see why so many believe the picturesque Italian village of Positano is the loveliest of places on the Amalfi Coast. The vistas from any angle conjure images of a simple life far away from modern stress.  Despite the crumbling ruins of the ancient city of Pompei, what remains still transported us to the bustling city that once was.