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Tokyo {Part III}

The trouble with visiting a place with so much to see and do is that you return with hundreds of pictures to edit and too many details to share.  This combined with a hectic summer at the day job amounted to a long absence from this blog.  Now a few trips and more than a few posts behind, I will endeavor to catch up.  But before leaving the subject of Tokyo, a few more scenes to share of the ever bustling Shibuya at night, dining at Yokota {a one Michelin star tempura restaurant}, wandering in search of Harajuku girls, eating the best tonkatsu at Maisen, and of course, finishing off our culinary tour with a delicious bowl of ramen from a favorite chain Ippudo {not having to wait in line made Andy a happy man}.

Nighttime in Tokyo, JapanShibuya, Tokyo, JapanMaisen, Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan


New York City {Part II}

One of my favorite spots in the city after shopping at the inimitable Bergdorf Goodman, right outside of the storied Plaza Hotel, where the fountain flows freely near fuchsia tulips in bloom and where all the horse-drawn carriages await revelers of Central Park.

Plaza New York city

No visit to New York is complete without going to Madison park for a Shake Shack burger and concrete {i.e., the Concrete Jungle}, Ladurée for delectable macarons in inventive flavors, Soba-ya for delicious lunch sets, and all the lovely shops in Soho.

New York city

A new addition to our culinary repertoire is the Beagle in the East Village.  We were impressed by the refreshing flavors of the well-mixed cocktails as well as the straight forward charm of the ambiance.  The perfectly seared foie gras served on a cheddar pancake was out of this world … a truly outstanding meal.

Beagle, New York city

For a serious ramen connoisseur, Ippudo is a Must Do despite the long lines.  The rich flavor of the broth, perfectly cooked noodles, tasty appetizers and desserts make it all worth the wait.  Ramen, perfected.

Ippudo, New York city