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China: Through the Looking Glass

We were in New York City for a hot second in early July and managed to squeeze in a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the China Through the Looking Glass exhibit now on view through September 7, 2015.  The exhibit was a spectacular visual feast and creatively explored how Chinese aesthetics have permeated art in all its forms for centuries.  Here are snaps of my favorite rooms, the first of which was covered in exquisite de Gournay wallpaper and the second was a breathtaking enormous glass bamboo forest.And then there was the most intricate gold gown of fairytale proportions…Glorious views from AK’s plush rooftop garden of the 4th of July fireworks (over the East River) after the jump. (more…)

An Art-Infused Home

German artist and art director, Mike Meiré’s home in Cologne is a visual feast infused with creativity in every nook and corner, sparkling with personality and uninhibited whimsy. Adore the heart-shaped Damien Hirst butterfly painting anchoring the dining room with perfectly mismatched seating, and in stark contrast a very moody room done in varying shades of grayish purple.  Full story and photos here.

T Magazine November 2012

T Magazine November 2012

The children’s living room below is amusing, youthful, and fun.  I imagine an environment where creative learning is a priority and supported fully in all aspects.  Art is everywhere, even in the dressing area where floating shelves display a well-curated collection.

T Magazine November 2012

{Images via T Magazine; Photography by Jason Schmidt}

Recent Discovery

Of Seattle’s Frye Art Museum and a new sculpture exhibit: Li Chen’s Eternity and Commoner. Constructed of wood, rope, and clay, and varying in scale, the simple materials allow us to visualize the work and appreciate its sheer impact on a personal level, almost in a raw form and without distraction.  Keep reading below for more.Sculpture by Li Chen


Out and About …

The long weekend was soaked in winter rain, but we visited the Seattle Home Show {nothing exciting to report} and the latest exhibit at SAM {more on this tomorrow}, discovered new cafés and lunch spots, and found a few lovely decor items to add to the mix.  Hope your weekend was delightful.Far 4, Oddfellows, Capitol Hill

{Images: 1. Capitol Hill neighborhood’s Oddfellows has a cool vintage vibe; 2. Gold-dipped porcelain strawberry and key from Far 4; and 3. Artist Jordan Carlyle’s interpretation of George Washington on the dollar bill}