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An Art-Infused Home

German artist and art director, Mike Meiré’s home in Cologne is a visual feast infused with creativity in every nook and corner, sparkling with personality and uninhibited whimsy. Adore the heart-shaped Damien Hirst butterfly painting anchoring the dining room with perfectly mismatched seating, and in stark contrast a very moody room done in varying shades of grayish purple.  Full story and photos here.

T Magazine November 2012

T Magazine November 2012

The children’s living room below is amusing, youthful, and fun.  I imagine an environment where creative learning is a priority and supported fully in all aspects.  Art is everywhere, even in the dressing area where floating shelves display a well-curated collection.

T Magazine November 2012

{Images via T Magazine; Photography by Jason Schmidt}

Recent Discovery

Of Seattle’s Frye Art Museum and a new sculpture exhibit: Li Chen’s Eternity and Commoner. Constructed of wood, rope, and clay, and varying in scale, the simple materials allow us to visualize the work and appreciate its sheer impact on a personal level, almost in a raw form and without distraction.  Keep reading below for more.Sculpture by Li Chen


Out and About …

The long weekend was soaked in winter rain, but we visited the Seattle Home Show {nothing exciting to report} and the latest exhibit at SAM {more on this tomorrow}, discovered new cafés and lunch spots, and found a few lovely decor items to add to the mix.  Hope your weekend was delightful.Far 4, Oddfellows, Capitol Hill

{Images: 1. Capitol Hill neighborhood’s Oddfellows has a cool vintage vibe; 2. Gold-dipped porcelain strawberry and key from Far 4; and 3. Artist Jordan Carlyle’s interpretation of George Washington on the dollar bill}