The new year is off to a rather busy start with big projects on the horizon and the intense feeling of ever increasing responsibilities, compounded with the fleeting nature of time and how there seems to never be enough of it.  Quite unbelievably, approaching the one-year anniversary of this blog next month, and apologetically, have some serious catching up to do…  Our recent trip to New York yielded these images of some of our favorite haunts and architectural gems.  To begin, Todd English’s food hall in the storied Plaza Hotel is ideal for foodies on-the-go.  Having worked in mid-town for years and lamented the lack of better pick-up food options, this spot is an easy winner with something for everyone.

Plaza hotel


A view from the pied-a-terre of the rooftops in Chelsea.  How many buildings and neighborhoods can you identify in the collage above?

Chelsea rooftops, NYC

Soho, NYC

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