Perhaps the most beautiful sign of Spring is the blooming of cherry trees, their branches loaded with soft blossoms forming cotton candy pink canopies and a cascade of petals, falling gently on winding pathways and softening each step like a light dusting of white snow.  Against the terra cotta facades of the gothic buildings around University of Washington’s Liberal Arts Quadrangle, 31 Yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom, drawing scores of admirers to stand beneath their branches, gazing up at their magnificent beauty.

cherry blossomscherry blossomsAn exquisitely detailed image of sakura (cherry blossom), courtesy of CHI Fo’tography. Keep reading below for more.Cherry blossoms

University of Washington’s campus boasts a wide range of architecturally stunning buildings, their beauty magnified by blooming cherry blossoms lining the walkways. cherry blossomsHope your weekend was gorgeous and a delightful Spring week is ahead!cherry blossomscherry blossomsUW gothic building

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