On a drizzly overcast eve, in the spirit of Halloween, we went on a ghost tour of Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  In the fading light right before sunset and autumn’s damp chill, with the last of the tourists scampering off to their hotels, we were accompanied by only the wispy clouds and mist casting an eerie glow reflected in the puddles of the faint disappearing light.  The Market, after all, was a place frequented by rowdy sailors over 100 years ago, in an age of the Spanish flu and lawlessness when death was commonplace for the young and old. We were regaled with stories of gruesome murders, ruthless criminals, and tales of sightings of countless spirits that haunt the Market to this day.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place

The Market was hauntingly still after hours when the stalls are empty and the throngs of tourists have deserted the walkways.  We gazed upon the ferris wheel lighted in ethereal blue and green as well as the infamous gum wall where the breeze around it carried an unquestionably minty scent {ewww}.

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