Life on Hamilton Island was like a happy dream from which I never wanted to wake.  Each day began with this Jurassic Park-like view from our pavilion {No. 37} at Qualia Resort, a place that is unsurpassed in luxury, perfected by the serenely beautiful environment and exceptional attention to detail {rather than the usual trappings of crystal and ostentation}. More than one morning began with fresh passion fruit pancakes that were cloud-like in fluffiness and tasted absolutely divine. Thankfully, the gym had an extraordinary ocean view, making working off said pancakes surprisingly easy.There is something undeniably charming about an entire island zipping around in golf buggies.  The fresh air and island scent made us feel carefree as we coasted up and down the winding picturesque pathways as wallabies and kangaroos bounced by.  Qualia’s infinity pool was always calm and inviting, and most importantly, never crowded.
One evening we had dinner in the Long Pavilion, which is Qualia’s upscale dining option, and we enjoyed a delicious and intricate 8 course dégustation menu.  The meal took 3 hours, so consider yourself warned. Qualia ResortDinner at Long Pavilion

On another night, we went to the Hamilton Island Yacht Club and dined at Bommie Restaurant, which pales in comparison to Long Pavilion, but nevertheless offered some tasty dishes and fun presentation. When dining outside of the Qualia resort, go to Coca Chu, which serves South East Asian cuisine.  The food was so good that it disappeared before I had a chance to snap a picture.Bommie RestaurantOn our last night, we had one of my favorite meals of all time at Qualia’s casual Pebble Beach restaurant. The fresh grilled seafood platter was phenomenal and so were the desserts. It was a splendid feast ~ one that I hope to experience again soon.Qualia Pool at NightSeafood Platter at Pebble BeachSeafood Platter at Pebble BeachPebble Beach Restaurant, QualiaDessert at Pebble Beach

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