Blue and crisp white decor brings to mind breezy carefree summers … unmistakably classic and fresh.  Noting this for a future seaside villa on the Côte d’Azure {wishful thinking}.  Hope you had a delightful Fathers’ day weekend and a splendid week is ahead.

Architectural Digest magazine

Architectural Digest

Elle Decor

{Top two images via Architectural Digest, photography by Simon Watson; Bottom image via Elle Decor, photography by Sang An}

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      • I love this! I really want to read this as a reminder to myself. I have the most fun when I read whatever catches my fancy. I tend not to stay in any particular genre, mixing classics and trash and good modern literature and YA and ch7#nred&l821i;s novels pell-mell. That’s the best fun, to me.

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