As some of you know, we spent the holidays zipping through the Netherlands, Belgium and France by train {a most preferable way to travel} and since this post is a few months delayed with my memory beginning to fade, taking time to peruse the pictures has given me renewed appreciation of all that we encountered for even in the dead of winter, Amsterdam was perfectly picturesque.  Enjoy.

Have you noticed that some buildings lean forward ever so slightly? Apparently, it’s so one can use a pulley system to bring large items up and through the windows.  The canal district is unbelievably charming, and as for all the bicycles, there is nearly one for every person living in Amsterdam.Andaz HotelAndaz HotelWe stayed at Andaz, a boutique hotel designed by Marcel Wanders that is brimming with beautiful and whimsical eye-catching details.  You can see more photos of the hotel here.  Andaz HotelThe things you come across while traveling that make you smile: This adorable little peanut truck navigating the narrow canal roads, bumping up and down along the cobblestone.Then there was Mrs. Santa Clause paddling along the canal.  She gave me a little wave and a nod, but I failed to capture it since I was too busy waving back.AmsterdamWe enjoyed a memorable meal at Bussia, which is located close to the hotel, where the food was delicious, ambience was great, and staff were warm and welcoming.  Then there was street food, which was also pretty tasty.AmsterdamAmsterdamAmsterdamA peekaboo view from the Blue Line canal boat tour …AmsterdamAmsterdamAmsterdamAmsterdamNighttime was especially lovely with lights reflecting off of the canal in all sorts of glimmering jewel-like colors.AmsterdamAmsterdamOn a walk back to the hotel one evening, I peeked into this little restaurant in the midst of preparing for a fabulous party.  Oh what fun!  Think I’m ready to relocate.AmsterdamAmsterdamThere were loads of art to marvel at in museums and galleries, and this piece in particular caught my eye: A bustling winter scene from long ago by Hendrick Avercamp at the Rijksmuseum, which brought to mind the snowy paintings by Pieter Brueghel viewed years ago during other wanderings.Amsterdam

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