Drawn{2}style is an ode to style – a place to visit for inspiration and exploration into the world of design & décor, fashion, travel, and cuisine.  Through beautiful images, D2S celebrates style in all its forms, from capturing everyday life to spectacular homes and travel destinations.


Fo Roberts, creator of drawn{2}style, is an attorney who leads a nonprofit organization in the Seattle area. She believes creativity feeds the soul and dabbles in artistic expression through painting, story writing, interior decorating, and now blogging. A former {but forever} New Yorker inflicted with wanderlust, she has lived in Geneva, Switzerland, Taipei, Taiwan, and Santa Clara, California.  Fo is passionate about exploring the world of stylish design & décor, fashion, travel, and cuisine. This blog is a creative space to share all the wondrous places and things she is drawn to.  {Visit her alter ego at Ethos & Mores.}

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