China: Through the Looking Glass

We were in New York City for a hot second in early July and managed to squeeze in a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the China Through the Looking Glass exhibit now on view through September 7, 2015.  The exhibit was a spectacular visual feast and creatively explored how Chinese aesthetics have permeated art in all its forms for centuries.  Here are snaps of my favorite rooms, the first of which was covered in exquisite de Gournay wallpaper and the second was a breathtaking enormous glass bamboo forest.And then there was the most intricate gold gown of fairytale proportions…Glorious views from AK’s plush rooftop garden of the 4th of July fireworks (over the East River) after the jump. (more…)

Marco de Vincenzo

When it comes to fashion, I’m a devout fan of unique textures and fanciful prints, so when I happened on this season’s Marco de Vincenzo collection (on sale at Nordstrom – see Susan Harris at Seattle flagship), any resistance was futile.  I adore how the individually attached embellishments flopped around with lively movement and the colors while vibrant were tastefully subdued. Many thanks to my immensely talented brother for contributing his photography skillz, without which my first (and perhaps only) personal style post would not be in existence.

Life on Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

Life on Hamilton Island was like a happy dream from which I never wanted to wake.  Each day began with this Jurassic Park-like view from our pavilion {No. 37} at Qualia Resort, a place that is unsurpassed in luxury, perfected by the serenely beautiful environment and exceptional attention to detail {rather than the usual trappings of crystal and ostentation}. More than one morning began with fresh passion fruit pancakes that were cloud-like in fluffiness and tasted absolutely divine. Thankfully, the gym had an extraordinary ocean view, making working off said pancakes surprisingly easy.There is something undeniably charming about an entire island zipping around in golf buggies.  The fresh air and island scent made us feel carefree as we coasted up and down the winding picturesque pathways as wallabies and kangaroos bounced by.  Qualia’s infinity pool was always calm and inviting, and most importantly, never crowded.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

I’ve never been a strong swimmer and am prone to motion sickness, but for this milestone birthday I boarded a tiny seaplane, hopped onto a flimsy glass-bottom boat, and snorkeled around the Great Barrier Reef.  The plane swerved and weaved across this beautiful terrain below, flying over the famous Heart Reef and hundreds of lush unexplored islands.  It was truly magnificent ~ an eye-opening experience I will always cherish. Oh the wondrous things we saw under the sea … all the vibrant colors and strange looking creatures. The photos don’t do the place justice. It was slightly windy that day making the water less clear, but we loved it nonetheless and wished we could stay forever.